Improved control over Notifications

Could a board Owner/Admin have control over which notifications were sent to users? That way these customizations can be implemented based on individual/User Level settings.

Hi @BaiJie,

I’m afraid we can’t focus on this any time soon.

The plan for 2020 is to definitely improve Notifications, but we still need to do all the brainstorming about the timeline and estimates :slight_smile:

No worries, I just had the thought, and figured I would throw it up here, to add it to the list.

I’d love to see a public board where ideas could be thrown on, and voted on. It makes sense to me to tout Infinity’s features on an Infinity board, where a user can see how good it works, and we can all see roadmaps, suggestions, bugs, and development status. :slight_smile:


@BaiJie, That’s a great idea!

Coming up with something new very soon :slight_smile: