Improved folder and task options

When I hover over a folder and click the dots… the only option is to delete the folder. With tasks, I can’t duplicate them, I can only delete or drag and drop between folders within the same board.

Please add Duplicate and Move options. Duplicate is to create a duplicate of the folder or task and all it’s content. Move is to move the folder to another board. A major benefit of this is to have a set a of templates on which to quickly create the common tasks of a project.

Finally, add an option to drag and drop boards between teams and workspaces. I’m suddenly needing this having created a lot of tasks and now I know the app better, I find these tasks should be in a different team.


Yes, duplicating tasks/folders is essential for being productive.


Hey @ian and @man , thank you very much for your input.

Absolutely. Both ‘Duplicate’ and ‘Move’ options (with items, but folders, as well) will be available ASAP. We will do our best to implement those in the following weeks.

Regarding boards navigation and features; sounds awesome, and we had something very similar in mind.

Thanks again guys for reaching out!

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Duplicating and then Moving folders between boards is very needed! Any progress ETA on that?

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Hey @knuthake!

Thanks for taking the time to write to us :slight_smile:

So we’ve started working on improving our folders options by releasing folder duplicate feature last week. The next step for us would be to release the feature of duplicating whole boards and moving them across workspaces, and finally; releasing a feature that would allow our members to move folders from one board to another.

I’d say that the ETA for that would be 3-4 months, since duplicating boards (and moving them) will be available in around 8-10 weeks.

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How long to get Duplicate Task issue resolve? I think duplicating task is very important for faster work.

We might see next week, @bloggerkickstart :slight_smile:

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