Improvement of checkbox in column view

When using multiple checkbox fields in a columns view, users have no idea what the data atrribute type is. Please ad title to it.

A great suggestion, @alexander!

Added to the ‘To Discuss’ column.


It would be great to add this as a “Display text for Checkbox on Card” option, so we can designate the text that displays for the Checkbox on the Card. This way we could give the Checkbox a unique name to display on the Card that is not necessarily the same name it has in the Side-Modal.

I suggest this because in my use of Checkbox attributes, I’ve given many of them long names that display fully in the Side-Modal (I love that the whole name shows in the Side-Modal!), but those long names wouldn’t be practical displayed in full on the Card. If we had the option to create a unique name to display for the Checkbox on the Card, we could use an abbreviated name there that correlates with its longer name that displays in the Side-Modal.

Alternately, and perhaps an easier way to deal with displaying long Checkbox names on the Card, is to implement tooltips on mouse over (the same way Back-Referenced items display on the Card).

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Thanks for this suggestion, @chrish!

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Yes! Please add the option to show ALL column titles (attributes) in column view or even better make it where we can check off which ones we would like to show since we probably don’t need to see them all! I’ve got multiple dates and yes or no lables that show up and I don’t know what they are for as some may be blank in the table, so it’s not like i can tell by the order they are in.

Hello @BrandiMills97! This is on our list of suggestions already and we’re planning to do something about it soon - especially when it comes to checkboxes. This task is in our dev team’s backlog at the moment.