Improvement of checkbox in column view


When using multiple checkbox fields in a columns view, users have no idea what the data atrribute type is. Please ad title to it.



A great suggestion, @alexander!

Added to the ‘To Discuss’ column.



It would be great to add this as a “Display text for Checkbox on Card” option, so we can designate the text that displays for the Checkbox on the Card. This way we could give the Checkbox a unique name to display on the Card that is not necessarily the same name it has in the Side-Modal.

I suggest this because in my use of Checkbox attributes, I’ve given many of them long names that display fully in the Side-Modal (I love that the whole name shows in the Side-Modal!), but those long names wouldn’t be practical displayed in full on the Card. If we had the option to create a unique name to display for the Checkbox on the Card, we could use an abbreviated name there that correlates with its longer name that displays in the Side-Modal.

Alternately, and perhaps an easier way to deal with displaying long Checkbox names on the Card, is to implement tooltips on mouse over (the same way Back-Referenced items display on the Card).

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Thanks for this suggestion, @chrish!

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