Improvement of Desktop App

A small request but found it critical today. There is no way to “go back” when using the desktop app. Today, I was working with templates and was attempting to view different templates. When viewing one, I was unable to go back a page to the full list of templates…then having to go through the boards to navigate to the templates again. A minor request that would improve the usability greatly.

Hi @startinfinity1! I’m not sure if I understood your issue correctly. So, when you are creating a board and want to start with a template, once you click to view a certain template you can’t go back?

Although there is no back button, you should be able to see all the template categories and all the templates on the left-hand side even when you’re viewing one category or one template - like in the image below:

This pretty much gives you the option to switch to another template at any moment. But I might be missing something. Is your issue of different nature?