Improvements to Reference Field: "Can't see Back Reference" and "Reference Option Filtering"


Hi Guys,

I can’t for the life of me see where the back reference is shown when i link two records together via the reference attribute.

I.e. When i link 5 Events to a single Location. I am expecting to see:

  1. Each Event with a single reference to the location each.
  2. The location should have 5 references (1 for each of the connected events)

Does this currently exist in Infinity?

Ok, so the back link is created, but by default it is hidden from view in the tabs of the folder being linked to.

I think there are a few points for improvement here that would help people migrating from Airtable and assist New Users to get used to the platform.

  1. If no other attribute is hidden from view on the folder being linked to, the back linked field should be visible by default to act as a prompt and reminder to let you know that you have linked these items. Then this attribute field can be hidden from view later. Even better this could be a profile setting that adjusts your experience to your expectations and preferred way of using infinity.
    I.e. [X] Hide Back References by default?
  2. There should be a prompt on the “Customize” view configuration button to prompt awareness on the number of hidden fields. I.e. A little number denoting the number of hidden fields, and highlighted to show that not all attributes are visible in the view.
  3. When you create a linked reference field you should have the option of choosing to filter possible selection options by folder, sub folder or tab. This way the selection process is less about memory and searching than it is about scrolling up and down a drop down list. Overall a usability improvement.


Hey @CodeKnight,

Thanks for your 2 cents.

I believe that the second suggestion (showing number of hidden fields next to Customize) might be the most realistic solution for now.

I’ll make sure to copy all three of them and create a support ticket :slight_smile:

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That Hidden Item flag would go 90% of the way towards fixing this.

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