In the settings for Board's and Workspace's permissions, stop the Role column from moving out of view while adjusting permissions

While adjusting a board’s or workspace’s permissions, the Role column moves out of view when scrolling to the right to view the various permissions.

Perhaps this doesn’t happen for users working on a large desktop monitor, but when working on a 15" laptop the Role column scrolls out of view.

It’s another situation - like when an item’s title moves up out of view when scrolling down through the center modal’s attributes - where we lose a crucial consistent visual reference. It’s tedious, clunky and time consuming to have to constantly scroll all the way back to the beginning of the rows of permissions just to see the Role column when deciding and setting who gets what permissions.

The fact that the Role column only contains 3 roles doesn’t diminished the tedious and time-consuming experience of setting permissions. Especially when doing so for many boards over a couple of workspaces.

It’s great that the available permissions are thoroughly thought out and we can drill down into their specifics, but the visual layout of referencing roles when setting them is frustrating.