Inadvertently deleted a folder undo did not work properly

I inadvertently deleted the wrong folder. Using the undo button I thought I was fine, but it did not restore the subfolders in which actually was most of the information. Can I restore them somehow?

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@micck, hi!

We have this issue that if you delete a folder which has subfolders, and you undo the action, it only retrieves the parent folder (subfolders being left out), which is something we’re currently working on/fixing.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience caused. What I can do is try to ping our CTO to manually retrieve them, for now.

Can you give me an email you’re using in Infinity, board ID where those subfolders were from, and names of the subfolders which were deleted?

Thanks in advance!

Thank You! I sent you a message with the data.

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