Inconsistent Spacing in Gannt View

I have my Tasks GROUPED by CATEGORY (Tag) in Gannt View, and I notice that in some of the Categories the Gannt Bars have an unnecessary and inconsistent space between Tasks which makes things look untidy.

Please see the Attached Screenshots.

Yes, I have scrolled horizontally in both directions and there are no other tasks in those spaces that are “off screen” due to different start & due dates. Both the Table View and the Category Count confirms that, and there are also no Filters hiding any Tasks that I want to see.

Please fix this bug to clean up the Gannt View.

Or am I creating this problem without knowing it somehow?

Thanks, Cedric

Hey @cedric.vanduyn,

Have you maybe had an item before in that place?

The ‘extra’ slot is actually for items that were drag&dropped/moved to that specific place.

I’ll double-check the issue with the devs.

@coa thank you, I managed to figure it out. I can just close the gap by dragging the lower item up.
I did not realize how manual the gannt grid was :))

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