Increment a value

Is there a way in an automation to increment a numeric attribute?

Hey @shawn :wave:

Can you give us an example of what you are trying to achieve, it will help us formulate a better answer or provide you with a potential solution.

You can use our automations (trigger based) to update an item and change things, but I’ll need a few extra details in order to understand your use case and give you a potential answer / solution.

Looking forward to your reply :pray:

Thanks Marko, I posted a new question that gets more to the root of the question. I wanted to loop through all items and increment a numeric field. The two challenges are looping through all items and incrementing.

I was able to work around the incrementing and come up with a different way, but I am still curious about the ability to loop through items, for example:

Every day at midnight, delete any item marked as done

I posted a new thread for that since its a pretty different topic from the subject line of this one.