Infinity Android App

Hey community,

we’ve released the Android App. :rocket:

Feel free to share your feedback. We can discuss all further improvements here.


Great!!! Thanks so much! Looking forward to using it and tracking its development.


Exciting development!

One issue that I’ve noticed is that I’m unable to use the Swype keyboard on Android (Pixel 2, running Android 10 and using the default keyboard - Gboard), meaning that I have to hit each key individually. Furthermore, no suggestions show up as I type.


Any chance this is being worked on? Is there a product road-map somewhere for the Android app?

One other feature that would be great is offline support. For instance, I was flying yesterday and wanted to log some tasks but wasn’t able to since the app doesn’t support offline mode yet.


Hey @smiklakhani,

We’re not working on a further mobile app(s) improvements for now, as we’re swamped by the current LTD (as well as with some other huge features: such as Gantt & Forms View, Public Boards & Advanced Permissions).

I’ve addressed the community regarding this topic before: If the LTD goes really successfully, we’re going to expand our team further and have (a) dedicated developer(s) which will work on the Mobile Apps solely.

Currently, we don’t have that capacity, hence, the Mobile App(s) development is often prolonged.

Thanks for the suggestion, of course :slight_smile:

Your voice will always be heard and considered.


Appreciate the honest response @coa! You guys rock – keep up the great work!


Thank you, @smiklakhani! :slight_smile: