Infinity Evolution Slide Deck


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you a slide deck that showcases the basic flow of using Infinity.

What do you think about the new look and functionality?


Hello everyone,

Before I give my opinion on the new design and new features. I would like to thank you for your transparency on the development of your project, I think it is great to share so much with the community. Keep it that way.

Concerning my opinion on the design part, I much prefer the new design you are going to propose. It is still as refined and seems easier to use. The only thing I may change on your design is the padding of your content (the area where we can choose the type of view, the template or see our tasks.

Concerning my opinion on the part of the features, I think they are great, they will allow all users to find the interface that suits them best, but also allow to have a better visibility of each task and their details (especially for the table view). On the other hand, if I may, I think the vertical list is a bit messy, I think it will be quite complex to use it because of a lack of visibility and understanding (this is only my personal opinion).

Finally, I hope that some of the features currently available will be ported to the new version, for example the mindmap.

Excuse me for my approximate English, I don’t write it very well.


Hi Redek, thanks for the feedback and for the kind words.

We’ll definitely continue to run a transparent journey and keep you updated about everything. The only way we can make something remarkable is by doing it together :slight_smile:

Regarding design feedback:

Don’t worry about the padding of the content area, it will be adjusted for your screen in the best possible way, but thanks for the ‘sharp eye’ suggestion :slight_smile:

I understand your concern about the Vertical List and it’s viable. Currently, we’re using it internally to organize Infinity tasks and it can become a little bit messy when you add a lot of custom fields to it. The good thing and solution to this problem is ‘Show/Hide Attributes’ feature where you can turn on and off what you want to show on the list item. This way you can always reduce mess.

Unfortunately, the Mindmap feature will not be there from the start. We’ve replaced the Mindmap with the Folder Tree Structure, which gives you the same possibilities, but visually different. However, we’re definitely keeping the Mindmap in our backlog and after the release of the initial product, we’ll have a better understanding if it’s going to add the value to the product.

Don’t worry about your English, it’s completely fine :slight_smile:


It’s amazing how much you have done in so little time! The new look/UX is even better than the prevoius one. And I have a question:

As far as I could see the headings/column names are based on state attribute of each item. Can an item have more than one state (I guess no?)? Are the states folder-wide, team-wide or something else-wide? :wink:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, the items can be grouped by most of the attributes:

  • State ( Label )
  • Member ( Assignee )
  • Checkbox ( True/False )
  • Number
  • Date
  • Rating
    — and more in the future.

All of the attributes above can be created more than once per item, for example:

  • Label: State ( ToDo, Doing, Done )
  • Label: Priority ( Low, Medium, High )
  • Label: Department ( Engineers, DevOps, Frontend )

You can group items by any of the labels or by all of the three labels by using three views in the same folder.

There’s an option in the label attribute to choose if you want it to have a single or multiple select. This way the item can have both: ‘todo and done’ state at the same time if you need it :slight_smile:

Labels, as well as all of the attributes, are folder-wide. Sub-folders can inherit parent’s attributes, but you can easily turn them off if you don’t need them.

Thank for the questions :slight_smile:


Wow! That sounds very powerful. Thanks for claryfing. Caan’t wait to see it live :slight_smile:


I echo Redek’s statement. I have had nothing but great experiences with Infinity from the moment I signed up. This is by far my most anticipated web app.

I am astonished by the incredibly gutsy move to invest in such dramatic changes to the design of your product before the original even officially made it to public launch. This action speaks volumes about the type of company you are and the type of product that you are bringing to market.

The original version was innovative and fresh. This new version looks more intuitive and the design is beautiful. I have a strong feeling that Infinity is going to be an incredible tool. I feel privileged to be a part of this journey and look forward to using Infinity and contributing positively to this community.


Hi @infinity.justs , thank you for the kind words and praises :slight_smile:

We also feel privileged to have your support!

It really motivates us to see that you’re noticing our determination to build a ‘must have’ product and to launch it only when it’s delivering the real value.

We promise not to settle for the average.

Thank you!