Infinity for App Developers


Hey guys,

I’m currently trying to onboard our app team into Infinity and getting some push back on the following:

  • Integration with GitHub in order to create reference between GitHub and tasks.
  • Integration with Slack to review activities and updates in Slack channel.
  • Ability to see who is working on what in terms of push, pull-requests and merge-requests.
  • Ability to run one task through different Sprints without creating duplicates.
  • Task dependencies, co-dependencies, blocking and waiting tasks.
  • Ability to have one list of tasks or backlog for different Sprints.
  • Ability to setup fixed Sprint length

Does anyone know if these are possible (or coming soon) with Infinity?



You will need to use Zapier for most of the integrations you listed. Using it to reference and tie everything together. You also prob need to Jake sure you are using reference folders for the tasks and sprints that you keep duplicating.
It takes a while to build and fine tune, but once link everything you can have a very smooth running operation for sure.
I do custom integration with apps like Infinity, ClickUp, and others. If you would like to schedule a consultation just make an appointment and we could go over your options.