Infinity Product Roadmap


Also, I think a traditional Gantt chart puts all the task names in a vertical column on the left, which makes it easy to scan down the list from top to bottom. Is it possible to add an optional column like that as well?


Hey very nice app!
We’re using Meistertask right now but we’re following infinity project cause is really interesting for our agency.

Just few questions ( we use these features a lot )

  • What about these integrations: Zapier, Slack, Dropbox, Gmail
  • Time tracking?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @Giudenapoli,

Thanks for the support, and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

The Zapier integration (which will create the possibility to integrate Slack, Dropbox, and Gmail) will be released in April. We’re currently in the research phase of that feature.

Regarding the Time Tracking feature, we can implement ‘part of the feature’ fast, for example:

  • Adding Time Tracking attribute to an Item
  • Start, Pause, Stop buttons
  • Simple logs attached to an Item

This will allow time tracking, but not many insights and calculations in the beginning.

Would this work?



That’s cool, thank you Stefan!
Last question, what about the mobile app?


Hey @Giudenapoli, the mobile app is also in the works and will be created in April.

Best regards!


For starters, it’s more than enough.


Any ETA on the Gantt view?


Hey @knuthake, Gantt will probably be ready for the Full Product Release (March 1st).

Looking forward to you seeing it! :slight_smile:

However, have you seen some of the images we’ve shared before? :slight_smile:


Am I missing how to change the folder colors? Or is that not yet available?


Hey @BaiJie!

You’re not missing anything :slight_smile:

Folder colors change feature has still not gone live in Infinity. For now, you can only change the theme color of your board.

Setting different board colors will probably come along with Gantt, which might be postponed to a few weeks after the Full Product Launch (March 1st). We’ve got a lot on our plate right now, and are doing our best to deliver as early as possible for the best community ever :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting up that one, @BaiJie!


Now, there’s a certain pattern:
It’s February and no published changelog?
(The impatient me is certainly not doing any productive work if I post this kind of posts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Hey guys, I’m looking for a new pm tool atm that combines a kanban and timeline/gantt view. Any news on when you will release the timeline view and how it will work? Will you be able to set dependencies (task A relies on task B to be complete)? Best, Peter


Hey @peterpun!

Welcome to the Infinity Community Forum. We’re super glad to have you here!

Regarding the timeline/gantt: It will probably be available in late March.

And dependencies(or referenece feature) will be live in probably 1-2 weeks from now :slight_smile: We’re polishing things up.

Thanks for taking the time to open this topic!


Hey @coa thanks for your reply! Sounds good, I’ll keep an eye on this :slight_smile:


Hey, all -
It’s been kind of quiet here on updates and new features. What’s the latest?
You mentioned the full product release is coming in March. Any more info on that?
And, dare I ask… what about Gantt?


Hey @everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, we’re polishing and finalizing work on some cool stuff and in the next 2-3 days we’ll publish 1.4 announcement with a nice blog post.


Hey guys,

we’ve just published 1.4. version :slight_smile:

You can check full announcement here:

Let us know what you think.


Where are you with development of the Chrome extension? Collection is such a critical element for an efficient workflow. I continue to use Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Milanote, Notejoy, and other tools because each has excellent options and integrations for collecting and gathering information/content into their respective systems.

ClickUp is probably the most capable and dangerous Infinity competitor. They are absolutely killing it right now with development and features. They actually have two outstanding Chrome extensions (standard webclipper and a brilliant notes everywhere extension.)

Infinity continues to be my favorite app in terms of potential but I really need better collection features to make it my most used app.


Hey @infinity.justs

Great point. I think Chrome extension would suit our vision very good, and we’re definitely going to build it in the near future.

However, it’s not on a priority right now, as we’ve got a lot on our plate ATM; we’re polishing and finishing up notifications, a whole new view (Gantt), workspace and board permissions, new templates, and a couple of more which might be a surprise :slight_smile:

P.S: We’ve already worked on improving the speed and convenience of collecting/adding new items to Infinity, as we’ve released a direct screenshot paste from the clipboard to the ‘Attachment’ attribute. :slight_smile:


+1. Definitely take some inspiration from them.

They did a 30m demo that lays everything out nicely: