Infinity Update July 2020


Hey guys!

As the end of July is approaching, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of our newest updates, fixes and improvements, but also mention what we’re currently working on and what you can expect to see soon.

The biggest addition we’ve implemented a couple of days ago is the option to freeze/pin columns as well as the header of your table. This is something you guys have been very vocal about, so it’s a feature that we moved from Community’s Voice to our roadmap and now it’s finally ready. :slightly_smiling_face:

The header of your tables will automatically be ‘pinned’ as you scroll down.

And when it comes to columns, you’ll be able to choose which columns you want to pin - and you can even pin two or more if you wish. You will find the option to pin a column when you click on the name of the column in your table.

Some other important news:

  • Archive is almost ready! We are testing it and doing the final touch-ups, so soon you’ll be able to archive your items, folders and attributes - and restore them if needed.

  • We are working on Multiple Select which will allow you to select multiple items and move/delete/copy them.

  • We have started working on formulas! We’ve defined the task and it’s now in the design and prototyping phase.

  • We are starting to work on Password for Public Board which will help you protect your public boards better. This is another feature which was very popular in Community’s Voice.

  • We are also starting to work on Form Notifications, meaning you will have an option to receive a notification when someone submits a form. It’s another great idea we heard a lot from our community.

Finally, here are some other smaller updates and improvements that happened since our last announcement:

:heavy_check_mark: Performance | Templates are now loading faster

:heavy_check_mark: Performance | Lazy load improvements

:heavy_check_mark: Notifications | Comments content is visible in notifications now

:heavy_check_mark: Notifications | Every notification has ‘Mark as read’ button

:heavy_check_mark: General | Clicking away from a modal doesn’t automatically opens another modal

:heavy_check_mark: Checklist | There is now a progress bar showing percentage in checklist attribute

:heavy_check_mark: Comments | Option to copy a link from the comments was added

:heavy_check_mark: Calendar | Calendar now prioritizes dates from the folder where it’s created

:spider: Form | Submitted items are now showing team member’s avatar

:spider: Long Text | No more annoying link floater in text editor

:spider: Long Text | Images in long text editor are visible again

:spider: Comments | Links in comments now open in a new tab

:spider: Notifications | Notifications in the dashboard now preview normally

:spider: Date | Time zone bugs were fixed

:spider: Invite | Users can now invite restricted users from the dashboard

:spider: Public Board | Guests with permission to update items can now update Members attribute

:spider: Permissions | Users can’t add items via form preview if they don’t have required permissions

:spider: Table Summary | Summary is now properly aligned

:spider: Trello Import | Trello import now imports comments properly

We’ve also noted your feedback regarding our updates to the public roadmap, and rest assured that we have been busy at work even though we haven’t taken the time to actually update the public roadmap. :see_no_evil:

We’d like to apologize for our lack of action there, and we’d like to assure you that we’ll definitely update the roadmap more regularly from now on. In fact, you’ll be able to track our updates almost immediately as they happen in our Updates folder, and we’ll update the rest of the roadmap once a week or bi-weekly.

In case you haven’t already, make sure to check out our roadmap and vote for the features you wish to see in Infinity:

Thanks for the patience and support as always. Cheers from the team! :pray:



For the trash function that is coming up I have a question:
So there will be “archiving” which will put items into the archive. And there will be “deleting”, so from the archive I can then fully delete items.

Now what I am wondering is how the permissions are handled? To make this useful and prevent [people from deleting things by accident, the “deleting” should only be possible for the admin. So is this permission assignable? So that people using a board can archive things to remove things they don’t need anymore but they will not have the option to delete it completely?



Hello @scholvien, we have thought about that and our dev team is still working on the logic, as far as I’m informed. As soon as the feature is completed, we should also have a help center article available which will also explain the permissions.



How do I make the percentage for the checklist visible? For now it’ll just say 5/29, and then upon opening THEN it says 17%. I’d like to be able to look over all the books that are in progress and see how far they are.




Hi @tsanderson, I’m afraid that’s not possible, or at least not yet. But it’s indeed completely logical that it functions the way you explained it.

Let me forward this to our dev team for a discussion. Hopefully, we can make this happen. :slight_smile: