Infinity Update: March 10th


Hey community, here what we’ve done in the past 30 days:

  • The checklist now has the default option

  • Number currency format added (thousand separators)

  • Import CSV > Multiple labels option added

  • Number currency format (thousand separators)

  • Added pound currency in number attribute

  • Guest users can now comment and add items

  • The public board featured image option added

  • Columns empty lines removed from preview

  • Item navigation now works in calendar and Gantt

  • Mobile > now has a refresh button

  • Mobile > folder list is now default view

  • Mobile > hover bugs are fixed

  • Mobile > board rename bug is fixed

  • CSV Import doesn’t crash in case of empty space

  • Login errors are fixed

  • Performance improved for modals

  • Modal ‘jumping’ error fixed

  • Overview error bug fixed

  • The board description field is longer

  • Going offline/online is now more stable

  • Performance improved for views

  • Grouping checkbox bug is fixed

  • Drag and drop performance optimization

  • The selected item is now focused in view

  • Multiple files upload bug fixed

  • New homepage and pricing page

These are only visible things, and we have 50 more improvements that are not visible and not worth mentioning here.

We’ve solved a lot of minor bugs and improved the app a lot under the hood. We’re still working on performances and infrastructure which will hopefully give us major visible improvements in the next 1-2 weeks. I’ll let you know when we switch to new servers for testing. :slight_smile:

We have new reinforcements in our team! Senior developer joined our team as well as two guys in the customer success team so that we can serve you better. We’re still hiring developers and expect two more to join in the next 30 days. This will definitely help us move faster.

Thank you for the patience, we’re really doing our best to make the great tool we all deserve.