Infinity's Official Public Roadmap

We’re happy to announce that Infinity’s public roadmap is now out and available for all of our Infiniteers to see.

You can check it out here or watch or video tutorial:

This means that you’ll be able to follow more closely what we’re currently working on, what awesome features we have planned for the upcoming months, and track our changelog regularly.

We plan to update the roadmap on a bi-weekly basis, so you’ll always know what we’re up to.

In addition to that, you’ll also be able to add your own suggestions through our form, vote for your favorite features, and leave feedback on each of them using our comments section. We’re looking forward to seeing you get creative and give us ideas for our next features.

We have big plans for this year and we hope you will be there to see them all through with us.

Thank you for being a part of our community so far and enjoy our roadmap! :slight_smile:


Looks like a great success; there are already 50+ votes on some of the roadmap items, with comments and suggestions. I had a feeling this would be good!

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Suggestion: Could we comment on Community’s voice? Perhaps early brainstorming could occur there among users, to inspire the Infinity development team :slight_smile:

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Definitely. That’s the idea :slight_smile:


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Thanks @stefan! :slight_smile:

For sure, @BaiJie! We want and encourage you to do so.

Haha. I was talking about the form responses. I forgot how to open up an item while in table view, so I couldn’t leave a comment in my mind (needed a different view to open the item up). All is well!

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