Infiniverse (A hub for sharing, high quality, user created boards)

I think an important part of growing Infinity, “To Infinity and Beyond” is creating a vibrant community of high quality user shared resources. People who have created epic boards and think the world should know about them.

These templates would be even better than those in the standard template library as an actual business is using it to achieve success.

The inspiration for this idea:

One feature i would want to see is a referral scheme attached to this. I.e. If a user creates a fantastic template that inspires a new user to sign up to Infinity for the first time, that creator should receive a referral bonus.

The use case i can see for this is that you have created something gorgeous you want to share with the world, so much so that you publicly post a link to it on your facebook page or you promote it within your online course. Depending on your audience and following thousands of people click through to the link and hundreds of people sign up. This is personally how i want to use Infinity.

This would come out of your marketing budget, you are effectively paying a finders fee for a registered user. Instead of paying an advertising platform you are paying your loyal fans to promote on your behalf

Even better than cash would be giving increased limits instead of money. I.e Every referral gets you 250mb of additional data, Every 10 referrals gets you an additional user, every 100 referrals gets you an additional workspace.

Just an idea!

Okay. This a fantastic idea! A big plus one for it!


That’s brilliant! I’d like to see it live!


This would definitely be awesome.


@coa What do you think about this one?

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Hey @CodeKnight,

I really love this, you have my vote! (I don’t usually give these :slight_smile: )

I’ve suggested that feature and we’ve had Airtable Universe + Trello Inspiration as an example and sort of a role model.

Also: Figuring out a referral system around this is also a great idea and an appropriate incentive for our strongest members.

Thank you guys for this, I really hope we can make this happen this year with everything going on.

I’ll do my best to push this as one of the biggest priorities in the marketing department.


“Be the guy that delivers the goods and consistently promise things that you can deliver. Even if you under-promise, it’s better than over-promising and not delivering, because you don’t get a lot of tries”, Adam Neumann

I love the enthusiam you have Coa, i believe your going to make this happen!

A word of caution however, please, whatever you think is possible please make sure you temper our expectations. I have seen other startups and green light projects over promise and under deliver and the fall out in the following, community and supporters is epic (in a bad way)

I fully understand that Infinity is going to be huge, and i plan to wait a few years for it to properly mature. I understand that what you are promising is a lot and i know that some things will be harder than what you expect and may take more time than was allocated.

Give yourself a buffer! Give yourself the opportunity to deliver ahead of schedule if you want to go the extra mile. The community will eat that up and follow you with loyalty for years to come.

Thanks Coa, its great to see (a founder?) so active in the community.


@CodeKnight, Thanks for sharing a great quote that’s simple but brilliant wisdom!

@coa, I agree wholeheartedly with the approach and sentiment @CodeKnight shared. It’s seems an excellent piece to incorporate in your company philosophy.

I’m going to include it in the philosophy of the company I’m working to create and launch.

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Thanks so much for these words.

I always tend to speak to the team and do our best do be realistic about the process. Things can get nasty when some of the following things happen:

  • Unrealistic wishes/requests from the customers (most commonly in the time needed to build something and the process of setting priorities)
  • Unexpected turn of events (whole feature refactor / internal team organization and structure / personal stuff, etc…)

I’m not the type of guy that will make excuses. But I’m also not the type of guy that will lie to anyone, or give false promise which are not in my control. If I preach or stand behind something, it’s going to be until all sides are satisfied.

I’m sorry if at some points I tend to miss out something (but in most cases I go back to it), but that’s because I’m really stranded between dozens of different departments, tasks, obligations, commitments, etc.

And I’m happy the moment everyone around me is happy and satisfied :slight_smile:

We’ve dealt with a lot of ‘disappointments’, both internal (because some features we were working on needed a complete change/refactor at the final stages), and external (community members not being satisfied). For the ones I could, I took 100% responsibility and did what it was in my power to fix that.

While I’m here, I’m going to do my best to keep communicating well and fulfilling most of community’s requests, in the most realistic time possible. I’m sorry if that’s too long from time to time. But that’s the process, and like I mentioned, it’s not completely in, either mine or the team’s hands and power. I hope you can all understand this, even at the time I’m not the guy that you’ll be communicating with.

I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you guys. :heart:


Us, too :smiley: :heart: Really!


Keep up the great work @coa

I am aware of unreasonable niche requests and the challenge you will have in saying No, to a customer.

I am trying to make all of my suggestions as generic / multi-functional as possible.

My Purpose: To serve the most people, for the most use cases, in the simplest and deepest way possible.

As much as we want to serve everyone, there will always be those we let down. And thus we choose the benefit of the majority over the benefit of the minority.

“It’s not what you play but what you leave out that makes the difference.”, John Barrow

It’s like someone asking you to add chicken to a chocolate cake. You could do it, you just wouldn’t have a cake anymore.