Inheriting structure when creating a new a view

When I setup a table structure, then create a new view, in that new view, the structure defaults back to something completely different again. In a table with many columns and when I need to create numerous views, this can take a long time to setup then as I have to repeat setting structure in ever single view again. I think it would be more logic to have a new view inherit the structure setup from the first table when that was changed already.

Nice idea, or maybe just duplicate view? That way if you have 2 different table views and want to create thirs, you can pick the one that suits you the best.


Ha! I wasn’t even aware of the “duplicate view” point. Just looked for it when you mentioned it and I guess it is all there already. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I am getting confused sometimes with the different menus on folders, views and other parts of Infinity, so I simply did not see this before.

I was creating new views before and that defaults to something else.


Don’t worry. it took me a while to familiarize with everything even though I used the previuos version as well. Even now, I think I underuse Infinity’s potential.

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@man Thank you very much! That’s exactly what I wanted to suggest.

@scholvien I’m glad you’re exploring everything, and thanks for always checking up everything on the CF. :slight_smile:

Btw, you can duplicate boards, views (Tabs), folders (with or without items) and items.


Duplicate is a decent workaround for replicating views but it doesn’t help if you are working with existing structure. This is especially painful when working with folders.

I spent 45 minutes updating the order in subfolders after a user suggested that an attribute be moved to the front of the List and Table views. I made the change in the main folder only to realize that I had to make the same change in each subfolder. And for each view in each subfolder! Yikes!!! Nine subfolders with 3 views to change per. That’s drag and drop 27 times per change!! And that was a small one. I have critical path boards with 20+ subfolders.

For someone like me who has been working with Infinity for a long time this was painful but doable. For my newly onboarded users it was a dealbreaker. I now have to work even harder to get them to adopt Infinity. I really hope this can become a priority item.

I posted this on YouTube but should have done it here:
Hopefully, board-wide, folder-wide, and workspace-wide default ordering options will be coming soon. I understand that some users may want to have different orders per view but I would wager that MOST users will want the attribute order to be identical across all of Infinity. It is a real pain point right now to have to go in and reorder things in each view and even worse in folder view where you might have upward of a dozen subfolders and if you make a change to one folder attribute order you have to go into each folder and each view to update them all. Options for both scenarios would be most welcome.


I share @infinity.justs concern about not being able to set attribute order consistency when making changes to an existing folder structure.

However, I’m also a user who loves and wants to keep the choice of being able to set and have different attribute orders on a per view basis.

As tedious as it is to arrange many attributes independently across folders and their views, I ardently hope this feature remains intact. The level of customization it offers lends to a seemingly infinite number of ways and use-cases to which Infinity can adapt. Attribute ordering that is limited to being exclusively identical across all of Infinity would eliminate the depth of Infinity’s creative adaptive genius.

I look forward to folder-wide, board-wide and workspace-wide attribute ordering as a CHOICE. My hope is that the team doesn’t overcompensate when implementing it by “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”. The option to either “lock and keep attribute order” or “unlock attribute order” when making changes to existing folder, board and workspace structures would definitely be most welcome. It would give the best of both worlds.


Hey @infinity.justs,

Thanks so much for the in-depth explanation and sharing your concern.

I completely understand where does all the trouble come from, and I can try to push this improvements to the top priority shelf.

I’m so sorry for all the hassle and time you’ve put into changing this, and I hope we can figure out an update in a short time.

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