Instance IDs on HTML element names or attributes

Since custom CSS is relatively straightforward nowadays, it would help immensely if HTML elements around a topic have unique instance identifiers based on their context so we can target them client side.

E.g. if we had a unique ID per folder attached to not only the element that contains the text, but also its folder icon / row, we could implement custom icons & colors per folders ourselves.
In other words, if I currently try to alter the CSS, without some JS tinkering, I can’t target a specific folder. I can only (easily) change the color of all of them.

The format seems to be that an ID of sorts is used on the element name, but this ID isn’t unique per context (per folder). I.e.: for now all folder elements have an ID that is the same for all folders on a board, which is roughly: “data-v-”. If each folder html element had an ID per folder this could be (more) easily targeted.

The same would go for card/attribute elements. A previous request, where the title for attributes should be displayed could be handled client side.

It would allow users to define custom CSS based on a board, and allow the community to step in and alleviate some of the pressure on developers.