Integration of Infinity API with Pabbly


Hello ,

I tried integrating Infinity API with Pabbly Connect, but the response given out by Infinity is not reaching Pabbly. Here is what I did:

  1. Under Pabbly workflow: created a new workflow Test_Infinity. I set up the source connection as Infinity API. Trigger event ‘item created’, added connection, authorised the Infinity app and logged in. Automatically my Infinity board and workspace were populated within Pabbly. Then I clicked on Save and Test.

  2. I then went over to Infinity application , in my board and duplicated one of the items. At this point the ‘create new item’ trigger should have established connection in Pabbly and the Infinity response should have been visible within Pabbly.

However, in Pabbly, it still showed awaiting response.

Is there any bug with Infinity API - Pabbly connect which is being fixed?

Any help would be appreciated… thank you!

PS: I checked with the Pabbly team as well about the issue and they said they have written to the Infinity team and waiting for response from them.