Introduction | Hello, I'm Anh!


Hi all.

I just discovered Infinity a few days ago and although overwhelming at an initial glance, I have enjoyed using it and appreciate the flexibility it offers.

I wanted to take time to introduce myself and to give a shout out to the team at Infinity for all of their hard work.

I didn’t see an Introductions subforum and thought it might be nice to meet others in the community learning about this tool and growing together.





Hello @mranhphan! Welcome to the community!

That’s a great initiative, we’re all glad to meet you and hope you will enjoy using Infinity and discussing all kinds of topics with our community members. You will discover we have quite an amazing and passionate community that’s always ready to help and brainstorm. :blush:




Welcome Anh! Great idea, great initiative. Look forward to reading your perspectives and comments. I’ve been an Infinity user since the first beta launch (there have been two) :slightly_smiling_face: and the product and team has been execeptional from day one. I think you will find Infinity to be more than a tool, it’s a vibrant community!