Invite Emails Work more than once?


I had a partner use an invite link, and then forward that link to another coworker. That coworker created an account that overwrote the original user.

I think invite links should be a one-an-done kind of link…



All of the original comments from User #1 have now been attributed/assigned to User #2



That sounds like a major bug. Did you report it to chat support already?



Hi @BaiJie

Alright, so I’ve tested this and this is what happened to me.

I created one dummy email (, invited that dummy email as a collaborator to my new workspace and board and then I created the account with that specific email and named it marko1. (then created a few items and comments )

Then I used the same invitation email link that I got for that one dummy email account and used it on a completely different dummy email (, created an account and called it marko2 but all that did is overwrite the data from the previous account (its name, its email address ). So all the items I created or comments I made with marko1 are coming from marko2 right now.

It seems like I managed to reproduce it!

This does seem to be a bug / issue and it will be reported right now! Thank you for reporting it, we really appreciate it!



Thanks a bunch! We were pretty proud to find the issue hahaha

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Hi @BaiJie

It’s been a while since I updated you on this, however - I am here now and I am happy to inform you that this issue is now fixed and everything should work properly.

Whenever someone tries to use the same invitation email / link , it should show this notification:
“The selected invitation is invalid.” :



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