Invite User by Link

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I want to create dedicated invite links for each level of user permission. For an individual board, or for the entire workspace.

Additional Features:

  1. Set a max number of uses before the link expires
  2. Set expiry date of the link

Airtable provides a good example of this:


Use Cases?

  1. Within our organisation we create company wide emails with invite links, this way the people that need access can just click the link and get added to the base at the intended access level

  2. As a lead magnet i include invite links in the post form submission screen, this way they fill out the form and can then get edit access to a specific base.

  3. Post invite links publicly to allow a specific group of people to join the board / workspace.

Hey @CodeKnight!

I’ll definitely share your suggestion as one of the ideas on how can we improve our Invite feature :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

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If a referral link onboards a new customer for infinity, i think it is fair that infinity rewards such behavior.

Referral incentives could be as follows. I.e Every referral gets you 250mb of additional data, Every 10 referrals gets you an additional user, every 100 referrals gets you an additional workspace.

You would have different benefits if the new person:

  1. Only Signs Up
  2. Remains active on Freemium
  3. Becomes a paying customer

A great model, indeed. A great marketing initiative, I’d love to implement this. :slight_smile: It’s in the ‘Ideas’ category.