IOS app Refresh issue with drag and drop


I have noticed a general problem on the IOS app which i assume is a refresh issue.

First off, i use the IOS app both on iPad Pro and iPhone - issue here is the same on both

Tested this on the iPad BUT whilst using Chrome as a browser instead, and this issue does NOT replicate so often. (much less actually, nearly never)

When i try to move (drag and drop) an attribute from the list view it doesnt work. When the drag and drop action actually works sometimes, the board doesnt refresh.
Other times, the drag and drop works but leaves a ghost trail.

i’ve also noticed this issue with drag and drop when i open i open a post and try to drag attributes



Hi and welcome to the community!
For bug reports the chat support is the place to go atm. It’s much quicker than the forum here.
Let me know if you don’t know where to find it.



no problem - thank you. will do so!

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Hello @orders, I agree that reaching out to our chat support would be a better way to report bugs so we can investigate the details.

I just tested this on my end (I’m using the Android app), and it seems to be working smoothly. So we might need to investigate a bit.

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