iPhone big problem

When I’m on the iPhone app this happens

I have a long text field. I spend 5 minutes typing in ideas etc

  1. I can’t “select all”
  2. When I try to select all and try to use my finger say to move the cursor down to the bottom of the entered text the application reboots and I lose all the stuff I just typed in. All my ideas, gone.
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I’m very sorry for your troubles, but glad to read this post, because I have the exact same issue!!!

Honestly, it’s gotten to the point (I hate to say it) where I draft my initial brain dump / ideas into another app; whether EverNote or a really cool app I found called “Drafts”, and then paste it into infinity later.

What you describe has happened to me on too many occasions, both on iPad and iPhone.

Hell; occasionally on my desktop it does that…!!!

It’s a huge, HUGE annoyance, to say the least.
At the very least, i get into the habit of (on my PC) hitting “CTRL+A + CTRL+C” to periodically copy my text, so if infinity does this to me, I don’t lose everything.

Really sucks.

Infinity; any ideas? Any other reports of this?
I’d be more than happy to submit lots, screenshots, etc.

I LOVE the new document view but am a little reticent to get too zoned in on a long brain dump because of the above-described issue.

If you tap twice in the text field on your iphone, doesn’t a “Select All” option appear for you?
Either way, infinity has proven too unreliable to be the very first place i go with ideas / quick notes. :frowning: