Is choosing how links display not working?


I see on the Public Roadmap that “Attribute | Link | Add URL Option” has been released,

However, I can’t find where the choice is to designate how a link displays. Am I missing something, or is this functionality not yet implemented?



I was looking for it as well and here is where it is located! Hope it helps.



Hello guys @ehnmm and @chrish :wave:

In order to get to the link format option, you will have to click on the customize button in the tab you are currently located in, once you do that, find the link attribute, click on the ellipsis and change its format.

One extra tip for you guys - the format can be different in each tab, so if you have multiple tabs - in each one individually you can have a different link format.

Cheers :beers:

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@ehnmm and @marko ,