Is thes mobile notifications?

is thes mobile notifications?

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Welcome to the CF!

We do not have native mobile notifications, however, we are planning to expand and improve our current mobile apps to include push notifications, as well.

Although I can’t give you a specific use case, I really hope that can be worked on this fall.


Hello Infinity team. I’m curious if there has been any updates regarding mobile notifications?

Hi @5555dimitri, we are publishing them probably today! You can expect an update today during the day under ‘Announcements’. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Unfortunately we are still waiting for Google to review and approve the new version of our Android app including push notifications so we will have to wait for that. The goal is definitely to publish it this week.

Hey guys! Mobile push notifications have just been released! You will just need to update your version of the app and set up your device to allow notifications coming from your Infinity app. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need additional help.