Issues when in Mobile Mode on Desktop


When I do not have Infinity in full screen mode, I run it in a window 780 pixels wide on the side of my desktop monitor, where I keep it open at all times. It works great because it’s designed to be responsive and instantly switches to mobile mode when set to this resolution. However if I pin a column to be my main column, and hide the default name column, it will no longer work in mobile mode and everything just shows up as blank.

I do not know that this is technically a bug, but either way it seems as though whatever is the main column should still show up in mobile mode.




I just tested this on my smart phone and the same issue happens there. Since you now allow the name column to be deleted and replaced with another column, IMHO this qualifies as a high priority bug :grinning:



Hi @David-2

I have tried to test this on my end a couple of times, using many different settings, through the app and through the google chrome console (to get the perfect view, tablet, ipad pro, phone), I even went on my phone, through a mobile browser, and forced it to load a desktop version and test this. However, I wasn’t able to reproduce it.

It would be great if you could send us one or two screenshots of what you see - so that we can maybe better understand and see what the issue is.

Of course, if you want - you can always reach us via our live chat option and provide us with extra details so that we can dive into it right away.

Thank you in advance! :pray: