Item Age - how long since in this state?


I am looking from a Lean - Kanban - Agile point of view, but also, any Todo list may have items not moving for ages
An item that has been urgent for a year and not moving, maybe was not urgent at all :grinning: . and just clouding up things.

so how long since this item has been in this state?

In the “Activity Log” of the Items, there is an entry like @user updated Status … an hour ago

I’d like to be able to display in some way this ageing [colouring, time,…]

and (extra, nice to have) to build an Aging Work in Progress / Heat map table/ graph

@ugonuv Hi :wave:

I can already see that there’s such a suggestion on our roadmap, I would say go and vote for it, it will help us understand how important and needed this is.

(it’s a recent one, so It might have been you who created it)

I’ll make sure to vote for it myself as I believe that this could be extremely useful.

For now the only thing I know is possible is to see how long the task has been around and that’s by using our formulas and our static attribute called “created at”.

Created at - will tell you exactly when the task was created
Formula - you can use “days” formula in order to calculate the difference (of days) between todays date and created at date.

Here’s the syntax of that specific formula:

Thank you for being so active here on our community forum and for suggesting so many things, we’ll do our absolute best to see what is possible, needed and helpful to all our users!