Item image in mobile app

Hi Infinity team,

Often I need to use the Infinity mobile app and miss very much not having the item image showing up. So do my clients.

I would really appreciate 2 mobile app improvements:

  1. Item image to show
  2. Columns view to display like Trello (columns are still vertical, and you swipe fingers left and right to see another column)

Thank you very much, Raquel

Hey there @sth.southdesignstudi, welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :pray::partying_face:

Regarding your request, I have to say that we’ve already had a couple of similar ones suggested in the past, I’ll make sure to personally increase their importance so that we can move this forward and hopefully get them improved / fixed sooner!

It will most certainly take some time, but the plan is there, list of suggestions, requests and improvements is there we just need to find the right time and moment to work on those, as there are other high priority features our developers are working on right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only workaround I can suggest for now would be to use your mobile browser, open up Infinity and force the browser to load a desktop version. If you do that, you’ll get most of the functionality and options back (all the views, moving items between folders and so much more)

Thank you for your feature request and I hope that the workaround I mentioned above helps you! :v:

@marko I was amazed when I read this “open up Infinity and force the browser to load a desktop version.”

It still doesn’t work on desktop on a sidebar. As discussed before the @media seems to be set for 50%, but if it is working on mobile I now have hope you can sort it for desktop.


Hey @Derrick

To be honest using your mobile browser and loading a desktop version is for now the best possible alternative for the ones who actually really need some extra functionality. It is unfortunate, but hopefully soon enough we’ll have a much better version and more “flexible” when it comes to our phone apps (and mobile versions in general ).

Thank you for the detailed explanation of what happens when resizing the browser - I’ll forward that to the team, although I believe we already have one similar report, regardless - I’ll make sure to ping them and see if we can move this forward and hopefully improve it or change the percentage at which drastic changes occur! :crossed_fingers:

Thank you @Derrick :pray: :v: