Items do not display per the time zone selected in profile

I am in Australia and work with a team based in London.

I prefer to see my calendar in London time as I write content and it’s easier to grab the correct event dates/times this way.

I have changed my profile timezone to London. But I am still seeing date attributes ‘converted’ to my local time zone (eg. the team sets date/time attribute to Jan 13th 2pm GMT and I see that on my calendar as Jan 14th midnight - which is the correct time conversion for Australian east coast).

Can anyone suggest a way for me to fix this, or what might be happening?

Hi there @hi1 welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :slight_smile: :clap:

Sounds like a time zone glitch, lets see if we can narrow it down!

Could you tell me if you are using multiple devices?

How are you accessing Infinity? (through a web browser, desktop app, mobile app or all 3?)

Could you tell us if you saw “saved” in the bottom right corner of the screen when you changed your time zone?


Have you tried to login using another browser to see if the result is the same?

Looking forward to your reply @hi1! :v:

Hi @marko

I’m on Mac Big Sur, mac book air, using the app. Yes, I saw ‘saved’ when I changed the timezone in my profile.

When I open web browser safari on the same mac book air, the profile also says London and the times are still incorrect.

I don’t have infinity app installed on any other device.

Thanks for your help.


Just further to say I also tried Chrome and same result.

Earlier I had logged out of everywhere to make sure it was all synced correctly and when I logged in it prompted me that my time zone was NOT set as Australia and did I want to change it. I choose cancel on this message to keep the London time zone. But still not working.

Hey there @hi1 :wave:

Strange, alright, lets investigate this further - we would need you to contact us via live chat support option in the bottom right corner of your screen, click on it and send us a message and from there we’ll make sure to go through everything else we need in order to narrow this whole issue down and help you out!

Thank you for your patience so far Hi1! :pray: