Job number creation

I’m looking for a way to generate a sequential number to concatenate to other data to create a “smart” ticket or job number - such as XX-XXX-YYYYMM-NNN where XX and XXX are values trimmed from label fields, YYYYMM represents the date, and NNN is an automatically generated sequential number. For whatever reason, I cannot pull the card index into a formula, and the Custom ID field type cannot be pulled into a formula either.

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Unfortunately this would be very hard to achieve or maybe not even possible at this stage. First issue we would come up with is our custom ID field, as it does not work with our “formula” attribute, so you won’t be able to concatenate it.

Formula attribute works with “date”, “number”, “text” and partially “label” attribute (by assigning values), you can combine those and concatenate them, however - at certain point some values might not concatenate properly due to the formatting of the formula attribute itself.

You can format your formula attribute as a “number”, “date” or “text”- which can render your result differently depending on the values (attributes) you are using.

At this point, I don’t believe this could be done, the only way I see it is to have a formula attribute that will combine the data you need - through concatenate (like label values XXX-XX) and another attribute next to it - our custom ID attribute which will show you the auto incrementing “NNN” part of the number you need. In that way, you will have two columns showing you the “number” you are trying to see, which isn’t perfect, but - it is the only workaround I can think of at the moment.

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Thanks @marko for confirming my assumptions.

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If this changes at some point in the future or if we implement something this advanced I’ll get back here and update you on it.

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