Jumping Viewport during Bottom Bar (Desktop App)

It’s a bit annoying when working with textareas, because of the popping of the bottom bar for formatting features. It changes the whole viewport and moves the modal slightly so all attributes move away from the cursor on focus and blur events.

Seems to happen only in the desktop app, not in the browser.
I’m using the App version 2.3 (225)

Video Demonstration: Bildschirmaufnahme 2022-09-26 um 12.43.46

Hey there @launemax

Thank you for reaching out and for posting the video - that actually helps more than you know, so props to you :pray:

I have tested this on my end and I cannot replicate the issue mentioned above. I am using the 1.1.0 (which is the latest desktop app we have) on my macbook pro device.

Let’s investigate this together:

Not sure how and where you got 2.3, unless you downloaded our mobile app (that works on Ipad as well). So this is telling me to ask you these questions:

  1. Would you be able to tell me the device you are on?
  2. Would you be able to tell me the version of the iOS you have?
  3. Would you be able to tell me if anyone else is experiencing the same issue?

Looking forward to your reply :v:

Hy @marko

Thanks for your help. I’ve downloaded a new version of the macOS desktop app and now it all works. Also now I’ve got totally different menubar items.
Since I’m a member from start, maybe I got a beta version of the desktop app. It seems, that Electron do not update itself, just its content.

I’m working with macOS 12 on a MacBook Air.
On my Windows 11 home computer, this was never happending.

Thanks and kind regards!

Hey @launemax :wave:

I am glad to hear that everything is working alright now :pray:

I am not entirely sure what you mean by a “totally different menubar items”, could you perhaps send us a screenshot of what you mean?

Our mobile applications are fairly limited functionality wise (they are missing views, certain features or options…) - we have yet to improve them, while our desktop app is a direct copy of the feature rich webapp - just a bit faster, as it is not running all the additional options each browser comes with (like extensions, addons and so on.)

Cheers :v: