Kanban list creation and list title


Hello, I already used many project management tools, and Infinity is my favourite so far! and still i can see you are implementing many new features to it. For my work there are two views i use the most, kanban and table. In most of the management tool i’ve used so far i can create lists and give titles to those lists in the same project an this I can divide all the tasks i have though the lists i have. But here on infinity i have to divide my lists though labels, It would be nice to be able to create new lists with titles and separate the tasks on those lists in stead of being obliged to create labels to separate the tasks.

Thank you!


Hi @design, thank you for the compliments! I’m glad to hear you like Infinity that much. :slight_smile:

When it comes to naming your columns, that is an interesting suggestion. Right now we’re working on simplifying creating the Columns view (or Kanban). This new flow will soon be implemented. But we might consider adding something like you suggested in the future.

Thanks for the suggestion!