Keyboard navigation

Keyboard shortcuts might come down the line, but improvement on basic keyboard functions would be good.

e.g. - When adding attributes and typing in some data, you cannot currently hit Enter to commit the new attribute, instead you currently have to click on Save.

Screenshot -

I just noticed that some attributes DO allow you to hit enter and commit the attribute. However, here are steps to reproduce the issue I’m seeing:

  1. Create new attribute
  2. Select “text” attribute
  3. Type in anything in “attribute name”
  4. Press “tab” key to get to “Default Value” field
  5. Type anything here
  6. Try hitting Enter key to commit

You’re completely right, @micheal.

Current keyboard functionalities should be improved, as they’re not ‘consistent’ in all cases.

For example, ‘Enter’ is somewhere good for saving the settings, and somewhere is not.

I’ll need to see with our dev team whether it could become something of a high priority.


I think this was written somewhere on this forum before but I’m just adding it on the feature request also. Not being able currently to use the keyboard arrow keys to quickly navigate around a table makes it much slower, at least for me.

Often I click on a long text field. To close it again I actually have to click somewhere else. There is no way I can just press right left and move to the next field. Gotta use the mouse for all of that.

In general, when entering data, it is much faster if you can jump from cell to cell with the arrow keys than you have to click with the mouse into each field one by one.


I completely agree with you @scholvien. :slight_smile:

I believe that we can focus on allowing the keyboard navigation around Q2.

Still seeing this basic user functionality still not implemented. Without this does impede the user experience as scrolling becomes difficult. For example, if I am in field A which is selection of a value from a list and I want to go to field B I have to first click out of field A, go to the bottom of the screen scroll while visually keeping an eye on the desired record. Ensure I am still on the row of the desired record, then click into field B, then complete the value for that field. Now imagine when you have many records to update - this can become very very time consuming and actually error prone. Not a great experience. As opposed to complete selection of value for field A, tab, complete value for field B.

hol up. is this still not implemented? I cannot click left, right or tab key in a cell on the table view and navigate to another cell?