Label entries needlessly obstructed

… with non-helpful overlays.

I’m trying to add labels in a column of entries but I can’t easily see where they are going because the insertion block covers the work area. Most annoying.

The fact that it doesn’t enter the label and then advance to the next row is a complaint for another time.

I currently don’t feel that Infinity has a good, quick automation flow for existing data.

Starting from scratch might be better, but I hope I’m just not seeing the right tools.

Hey @leshenderson,

Do you mean when you add a new tag in a Label column (attribute) in Table View?

Do you mind pasting a quick screenshot?

I have to continually move the box to see the next entry. I would also expect it to advance down to next entry but I can see why, with the ability to add several labels, it doesn’t.

Also wondering if there is any way to organize the labels within their drop-down. ie A-Z.

Also, now that I have labels I was able to group them into separate reports but I can’t see any way of removing the grouping option in order to return to just one sheet.