Labels - Dropdown improvement with a sort option (Big List)


Last night, I was trying to manage/organize a big list of providers. I gathered a few ideas from CRM Template. Then I found what I think its a an opportunity to improve the labels dropdown selection with a SORT option. Just take a look at the following pictures.

For a small list (S.L.) of labels, order it’s not a problem. It’s easy to see, right.

For big list (B.L) you don’t know what you will select until you see it. And that will take time, going up and down in the list. With a list sorted you will save a lot of time.

By the way the search box it’s ok and powerful for labels that you already know.



Alphabetical sorting of labels! Another big +one for this feature request. It’s one I could use. @raulanp, thanks for suggesting it!

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Thanks for your input @raulanp

Sorting labels could be a great functionality and improvement! I’m afraid for now, it’s all manual, as you can drag&drop labels to reorder them.

I’ll add this suggestion to the queue!



Has there been any progress adding a sort and sub label functionality to labels?