Landscape on a tablet

I am using the Infinity app on an Android tablet. It defaults to portrait mode and I can’t seem to find where to switch to landscape. Am I missing it somewhere?

Hey @shawn :wave:

Thanks for reaching out to us, our applications are built for mobiles natively not really for tables (android or ios tablets), so you might find some difficulties while using them, just like in this case. So, for now - this might now be possible until we improve our apps.

This workaround might work, but don’t hold us to it. Try opening a browser (chrome, for example) on your android tablet device and try forcing it to load a desktop version of the website - that might load a desktop version of the app and provide you with much more functionality and landscape capability.

Let us know if that ends up working for you @shawn :pray:

I clicked download app on the website and it put an icon on my tablet homepage that works perfectly! That meets me need as i dont need to access it offline.


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Hey @shawn :wave:

I am glad to hear that - now you can enjoy Infinity as much as you need :rocket:

Thanks for letting us know, cheers :v: