Landscape support for iOS


The mobile web support for small form factor displays already exists as I am able to access the web app using the browser on my iPhone. However, the iOS application does not support rotating the device into landscape mode. I am requesting support for landscape mode be provided in the application, so that we can access more options and see more of the view.



Hey @mike.shappell,

This has been requested by a few members in the past, and I’ve personally done my best to push this suggestion.

However, that wouldn’t possible any time in the near future, and the workaround I was recommended is to use Infinity on mobile web browser (using it, you can rotate your phone, and more options will show up).



Hmmm. Seems odd for such a small change. If the source code was open source, I would make the change for you :slight_smile:

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If I’m correct and remember it’s not due to the code, it’s due to the upper management decision not to make mobile app too ‘clumsy’ or cluttered. :slight_smile:

I’m 100% sure that the team has tested the both use cases, and chose the better one.



Sorry but I think “upper management” needs to listen to their customers :slight_smile:. Adding landscape does not force people to use it. It allows people who choose to use it to have a better experience. Allowing it in the mobile web experience runs counter to not allowing it in the app.



Thanks for the feedback, @mike.shappell

I’ll make sure to forward your thoughts and ping the team again about this issue.

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