Landscape support for iOS

The mobile web support for small form factor displays already exists as I am able to access the web app using the browser on my iPhone. However, the iOS application does not support rotating the device into landscape mode. I am requesting support for landscape mode be provided in the application, so that we can access more options and see more of the view.

Hey @mike.shappell,

This has been requested by a few members in the past, and I’ve personally done my best to push this suggestion.

However, that wouldn’t possible any time in the near future, and the workaround I was recommended is to use Infinity on mobile web browser (using it, you can rotate your phone, and more options will show up).

Hmmm. Seems odd for such a small change. If the source code was open source, I would make the change for you :slight_smile:

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If I’m correct and remember it’s not due to the code, it’s due to the upper management decision not to make mobile app too ‘clumsy’ or cluttered. :slight_smile:

I’m 100% sure that the team has tested the both use cases, and chose the better one.

Sorry but I think “upper management” needs to listen to their customers :slight_smile:. Adding landscape does not force people to use it. It allows people who choose to use it to have a better experience. Allowing it in the mobile web experience runs counter to not allowing it in the app.


Thanks for the feedback, @mike.shappell

I’ll make sure to forward your thoughts and ping the team again about this issue.


If I am reading your thread correctly the mobile app does not support auto-rotation in the IOS application. Then it safe to assume that it does not in the android app?
I was very disappointed when sat down to work on a pile of stuff on my desk and using my new Samsung Tab S7 + with physical keyboard infinity would not rotate to landscape view. This made it impossible to use the program. At first, I thought it was the tablet but after two hours of holding and tech support that was not the case. I stumbled on this thread today.
I have to agree that this should be a feature. If this is supposed to be my go-to app to use on all devices it would not have any limitations. I will keep looking since there been no activity for some time on this thread

It is not about making things cluttered or clumsy. We definitely understand that, but it should be how to make it as powerful as possible, that an app can be used and found useful by a varied set of users. I can imagine a scenario of people using it in a myriad (infinite) different ways. That probably means hidden functionality. There is no greater satisfaction than discovering new hidden powers to an app and ways to customise.

An example in Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi which I use daily, we have Side panels. But when I put Infinity in a Sidepanel of a certain size it shows a responsive view. But I would prefer it to show a full column list view in a slideshow kinda way, that I can set up my cards to show attributes and then have infinity Always on in my sidebar as I work on other sites, monitoring a checklist for example or having a list of shortcut links that I can easily access like bookmark menu.

This would be amazing functionality inside the app as well. But even better would be the ability for a widget on the home screen to show a whole customised column with slider arrows if I want to change the view to the next column. In my opinion, any android app without decent widget abilities seems to me to be a half-hearted effort.

I say this not to criticise but to hopefully help you create a better product for all.