Last Edited Attribute bug

Hi there,

If I click into an Attribute, the “Last Edited” Attribute is updated, regardless of whether I edit anything.
I love the Attribute! I do wish it wouldn’t update unless the item were actually changed or updated.

Now that I have played a little more… When I refresh the page, the Last Edited Attribute reverts back to the original Edited time.

Does the last Edited Attribute apply to Comments, as well as the rest of the attributes? I guess I’d just like to see a little more detail here…

Hi @BaiJie, I must say that I haven’t managed to reproduce the issue with the attribute updating without making edits to the item. Can you tell me exactly which attribute you clicked when the change happened?

To answer your other question, the ‘Updated At’ attribute will only update if changes are made to the attributes, for now, it doesn’t apply to comments.