Launching Infinity with a specific item open from a URL

I need to be able to launch Infinity in a browser with an item to open to specified in the URL, is something like this possible?

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Hello tyr, welcome to the Infinity Community!

Not sure if you mean directly opening an item on a board from a link, but if that is what you are trying to do, here you go:


Hey there @tyr welcome to the community, we are stoked to have you here :wink:

What @infinity.justs wrote and recorded above is exactly what you need to do, (great job @infinity.justs) but - I would also add one small detail:

  • if you are giving that item URL to someone, make sure that person is a part of your board, or make sure that the board is public, otherwise that person won’t be able to open it or see it.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the information and the very kind response to what seems like a very simply question. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry the day I posted this (and it was my first post here and I wasn’t sure how much detail to start with) so I didn’t do a very good job of explaining my need.

What I need to be able to do is construct a URL to load a specific item in Infinity using data about the item. I’m using this to display the Infinity item from an external system that doesn’t currently support the API.

Thankfully, your answer shook some cobwebs free and I took the time to compare the exact URL from browsing to the item with the data I had about it. In the end, it seems that the following dynamic formation of the URL works: {board} / {folder} / {item_id}


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