Link column width with other folders

When you have multiple folders and you give any column a smaller or bigger width. The other folders still contain a different width of that column. Thus the ui looks loosy, feels inconsistent while consistancy in data though was a must, this should secondary align to make up the fully experience that statement of consistancy. Might be a bigger impact to the brand then you’d expect. (It’s my job to bug test brands) .

To get this functionality to work, I suggest add a “sync width of column tables across all folders” checkbox in the attribute popup window. In addition what could be cool is, sync attribute position or a “create and choose custom template of the order of attributes”. (and still remember old status without this override toggle for any specific folder inside the board.)

Hey @alexander!

Thanks for bringing this up.

When you refer to a ‘column’ do you mean an attribute in a Table View? Or columns in Columns view?

A quick image/screenshot would be very appreciated at this stage, thanks! :slight_smile:

Folder 1

Folder 2

I mean inside a table. See width of columns differ. I would create a toggle box in the folder attribute window. that calls "maintain table column width YES/NO "

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