Linking Projects to Strategic Goals (in Roadmap)

Apologies if a stupid question…

If I create a series of Strategic Goals in my Roadmap Board, can I create Linked Projects, so that there is a Strategic Goal, then with a series of projects linked to it?

Am guessing that if not, I have to manually keep these in sync?

Not sure if I understand 100% the terminology of what you are looking to do, but it sounds similar to something I have done where I created a master project list that is an overview of all of my active projects for a specific client.

I have a main view where all of my projects can be seen at a glance (I use a kanban view and activate only a few critical attributes in the properties settings).
Then under this main view I have folders and subfolders for each project. When I make any updates to the project items, the overview is also updated.
I have the overview as a public board so that my team can see all of the high level and current info and I have subfolders where I keep work in progress and these folders are hidden/private so that only I can see those details.

If nesting is not your thing, another option I have used is to physically add a link to the projects in the overview/roadmap. This requires going back and forth between the “Roadmap Board” and whatever boards you have for the projects so it is not as seamless, but the projects would always be up to date as you are linking directly to those boards/cards.