List Organization in Board View

The current setting looks like the image above, with multiple selections in the list filtered from items with only one selection.

I think the preferable view would be to have each column display only one list filter, with cards appearing in each of the columns that correspond with the multiple selections in the list… Like this:

I hope that makes sense…

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Hey @BaiJie!

If I understood correctly, your topic is based on our ‘Multiple Selection’ functionality.

You can manipulate if your items will show only one Label Attribute or multiple by toggling on & off the Multiple Selection field when it comes to editing the Label Attribute (Check the Image below):


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Hi @coa,

This is a little different… I want the same card to be able to show up in multiple lists, because it has multiple labels. If multiple selection is turned off, I won’t be able to have the same card show up in multiple lists…
I realize I took off all the unique information from the last screenshot… Here is another copy with a little labelling to (hopefully) make things more clear:


Essentially, I don’t want to see all the cards that match the certain combination of labels I have. I want to be able to see all the cards that match the label up top. Or perhaps both options would be nice… Configurability makes the most people happy! haha


Hey @BaiJie!

Oh, I think I got it now :slight_smile:

I like the way you think. And thanks for taking the time to create that image. It was really helpful. I’ve taken the screenshot of this topic and put into the suggestions backlog, so our developers can maybe revise the logic behind the columns view. :slight_smile:

You’re awesome! Thank you very much.