List View on Mobilephone


Opening Infinity on the Mobilephone via App or via Webside shows me the maintable only. I created some handy lists which I would like to use for getting a nice overview of my tasks on my phone, I couldn’t open them.

Any idea how to open the lists or duplicated tables on my phone? With the Forms you get this unique Link. It works fine. I would like something similar for the other elements.

Thanks for help



Hi @gehring.m! I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what the problem is.

You can definitely see the list of your tasks on the mobile app, but I believe you’re talking about something different. Would you care to elaborate a bit?



I think I know what you mean :grinning: Tabs, right? I have the same issue, and I’ve only found one work-around: open in your mobile web browser, go to the browser’s menu/settings, and change to “desktop view”. It’s a bit clunky (because it’s meant to be viewed on a bigger screen), but things then look exactly as on a computer.

In the app you can change between tabs by pressing the three vertical dots menu, but it still displays everything in a mobile-friendly way, which though more intuitive doesn’t show things the way I want (i.e. like on a computer).

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:



Hey @jozii89, thanks for joining the discussion. Yes, it might be the tabs function.

As you described, you can use tabs on mobile as well, however unfortunately our mobile app for now only has one view - mobile view. It’s not possible to change the views and see your data in the same way as on a desktop. :slight_smile:



I would like to have a view like an excel sheet with all my entries visible on my mobilephone. Inculding the numbers and formulas.



Hi @gehring.m :wave:

From what I understand you want a table view, for now we do not have it - however in the future, as improvements to our mobile apps come, we should introduce additional views just like in our desktop app / browser version. :crossed_fingers:

As @jozii89 said, you could use infinity through your mobile browser and force it to load a desktop version of the app, in that case you will have all the views (table, list, columns… and so on.). It works, but it is not the best workaround as things get tiny and hard to press/click on. :man_shrugging:

If and when you get the chance, try doing that and tell us if it works for you :pray::+1: