Localized formatting of numbers, dates etc


One of the things that are often frustratingly forgotten or ignored in many productivity apps (for example Notion, Coda and Airtable, just to name a few), is that we do not all use the same formatting of numbers and dates all over the world. For example in Denmark we use “.” as thousands separator and “,” as decimal separator and we write dates as DD/MM/YYYY. For me, this kind of basic setup is important, to fully be able to integrate the app into your daily workflow, and it would be fantastic if Infinity would be the first of its kind, to get this right :slight_smile: Keep up the excellent work!


Amsterdam calling here…+31!
I totally agree with my neighbor from Denmark @michel.tandrup


totally agree. +1 from Berlin!


Hey fellow Europeans! :slight_smile:

We got it. I’ve just talked to one of our devs, and he says it should be a quick thing to implement.

I’ll tune in with another update :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.


+48 from Poland :slight_smile:

And if we talk about localization, I’d like to be able to configure that weeks start on Monday again :smiley:


We use this date format in Germany:

It would be great to be able to set those kind of localizations on a global level.

Starting the week on monday, would also be awesome.


Hey @micck,

Do you think this solution would work?


We already have that built-in our tool. :slight_smile:

When creating the ‘Date’ attribute, just click on the ‘Format’ and a drop-down menu will appear with different options.

Hey @coa,
thanks for your reply. That will do it for now, though it would be nice to have the dot separation in the long run, too.

Is there any way to change the beginning of the week to monday since it´s really confusing when you are not used to it?


Hey @micck,

As we’re currently working on a new, improved version of Calendar View, that will probably be possible with a new ‘View settings’ feature.

Just an important note that we’ll probably release a new Calendar view, and then focus on the ‘View Settings’ as an improvement which will be developed after that. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for you to see the new Calendar!

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Thanks coa! Looking forward to seeing the new Calendar View and settings!

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It would be a must for an international software.

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We need formats for Scandinavian countries

Hi @akerselvapadleklubb and @hegedus.gabor :wave:

I made sure to mention localization in my reports and in our most recent meeting. So our team was informed about the recent requests from our users, one of those requests was related to localization (dates, currencies, languages). Hopefully in the near future we’ll be talking about getting ready for new improvements, ways of implementing them and making them a reality inside Infinity! :crossed_fingers:

Thank you for your suggestions, we really appreciate them!