Lock screen changes

If I make a screen change in my Infinity window, I don’t want that screen change to appear on another user’s window. Is there a way to lock my changes?

Hi there @anne :wave:

If you are working in the same board and you are looking at the same view all the changes you make will be instantly visible to any other collaborator (user) in that board.

You can create multiple views (tabs) and let them look at the data relevant to them, for example - tasks assigned to them.

However, if you change something regarding the item / task that is assigned to another person (like the name of the task), that will reflect in their view as well.

You are all looking at the same data - just in different views.

Locking changes wouldn’t be possible, you can create a folder for yourself only and restrict people from viewing or accessing that specific folder - which can help, but I am not sure if that’s something you would like to do.

Let me know if that helps @anne , thank you.

Cheers :+1: