“Lock” views for other team members

While the customization features are amazing, not all our users need that much control. Some, er, tech-challenged folks just want to see the information in the simplest, cleanest possible format. If they start tinkering with the views, they can easily get confused. Is it possible for the owner/author of a particular board or view to “lock” it so that others always view the information as the owner intends? They could add/edit data, but they can’t change the view type, attributes, filters, column order, etc?


That would be nice. It might be connected with permissions hierarchy/roles but I guess it’s a feature further on the roadmap.

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A good suggestion that is definitely needed. Like @man said, it’s in our roadmap when we develop the ‘inside the Board’ permissions like:

  • Folder permissions
  • Tab permissions
  • Item permissions

The plan is to make it in one month approx.



I quote this idea.

I just invited my team to the board, but we would like to just allow them to order and fill in the details. Views can be changed very quickly, even by mistake. So there should be another level for members’ permission.

Furthermore, some may confuse about the view configuration thinking it as a personal set.

Can you estimate when and if this improvement will be made? I see that in November you expected a month so maybe we’re already there and I missed the functionality!

Thank you!


Please lock the views some were in the authorisations / permissions of members.
I don’t dare to invite members right now due to this.

If it stays like this, I think it will be a showstopper in getting more users.


Hey guys @ton, @Francesca

Thanks for your messages.

Advanced permissions are on the roadmap, but I can only tell that they’re in the plan due June 1st.

They’ll definitely come in different forms/ways, including locking views and deciding which role (team member) should change what.


Yeah I think this “user permissions” issue in general and specifically locking views so they cannot be change is critical for our user base. We generally have a Project Admin responsible for keeping the rest of our staff functioning in Teamwork Projects currently and mostly they don’t modify any tasks or task lists themselves. I think these permissions may also need to be applied to folders (aka can they or can they not create folders, update folders) as well as view (aka can they or can they not create views and what about whether they can do “personal” views that no one else can see. There is obviously lots to think about here but I think the simpler the better for our creative staff.


This is exciting. Infinity is all about infinite possibilities and a part of that is being able to control the way you want to present projects/boards. Hopefully this doesn’t come off too presumptuous, but everyone has a different level of software adoption and there are times when an overwhelming number of possibilities completely turn people off. I could see one of my clients wanting to see a filtered Calendar view of only the high level projects. Sub-level tasks like “Change hex color to blue” and “Research 3rd party extensions” could be irrelevant and just clutter what they actually care about. Having advanced permissions from boards and folders down to item level would be awesome.


Hey @denny and @veronica,

You’re completely right. With advanced permissions (which should be live around June), we’re going to see a whole new perspective of team collaboration (or just any external collaboration), 'cause we’ll definitely be able to put different permissions on folders/views.

Putting a ‘shareable board’ feature together with this is going to be amazing :slight_smile:

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How is it going with locking views?
Working with a few team members, when they’re looking for assigned tasks by filtering, reorganazing stuff etc. is disaster. Is it possible for every member to have his own look of the boards or just lock them somehow?

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Hi @Bartosz, we’re a bit behind schedule with the advanced permissions, but they should be here by the end of July or beginning of August.

In the meantime, have you tried creating separate tabs for your team members? This is what we do - each team member has a tab with only their tasks filtered out, and so each one of us can modify our tab so it makes sense for us, change the view, show/hide attributes, etc.

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Hi, I’ve figured that out and handling with the tabs as you wrote, for now, but still waiting for adv.permissions :slightly_smiling_face:

I totally understand. Those permissions can’t come soon enough. :slight_smile:


Hi @Jovana, today I came to idea, that just “permissions” is not enough. It’ll help for sure, but when you’ve got larger team, filtering by assignees is not handy or barely possible. I know, that I can create tabs for team members and filter their tasks there - it’s OK, when you’ve got 2 or 3 team members and the same amount of tabs, but when you’ve got 10 or more team members, then you need 10 tabs just to filter theri tasks to make their work possible (what if working with larger team). And just imagine, when the one of team members that has tab on the far right changes its position to the first left. Chaos.
Something like “my space” from Asana is a must…

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Hi @Bartosz, it’s definitely a must to create something like that. We can continue this discussion in the other thread you created called ‘My Tasks.’ See you there. :slight_smile: