Long Text Attribute Upgrade

(Pretty much the same as Comments Upgrade)

Could we have this in the Long text attribute too? Then our descriptions could look more pretty. :slight_smile:

  • I like markdown as well, but there are those among us that don’t speak that language… they only know WYSIWYG, but I can’t blame them! It’s nice.


Hey @BaiJie,

I’ve updated the formatting suggestion in the queue. :slight_smile:


Yep would love this feature also. Would help the flow and usability!


Another vote here! I’m organizing a folder of SOPs for my agency and some simple long text attribute styling would go a long way.

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@coa Any updates on this one? (And the comments one?)

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Hey @BaiJie,

I’ve just talked to our dev team. They’re defining this feature as we speak.

There are two ways we could approach this:

  1. Implement sort of a ‘simpler’ solution and add a basic toolbar to format text in Comments.

  2. Build a more complex solution and implement for both Comments and Long Text attribute. (This will take additional time)

To be honest, I think option #2 is more likely to happen.

I’ll put a note to myself to ask again in a couple of days and see where we’re at. :slight_smile:


Hi @coa:

I vote for option 2. :slight_smile:

I find myself wishing or this again and again and again… pasting images, Bold, bullets, underlining… I would love to see this happen! Thanks for all you do!


Any update? I would like to be able to color text and also apply a background color to cells.

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Hey @lizandrashaw,

We have updated and improved ‘Long Text’ in the meantime. I can add the suggestion you’ve shared, but I think that the editor our developers have implemented don’t have more options that the current one.

Background color to cells is, I believe a functionality, UI improvement regardless of Long Text. :slight_smile:

We have that suggestion in our Log.

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I would love an option to highlight selected text with a background color, for identifying key phrases at a glance.


Hey, @kevin,

I’ll add this to the suggestion log, of course! :slight_smile: Thank you.