Long Text not showing as a variable in Automation

Hi guys, i am trying to add a long text variable that I created to a notification or an email notification but it doesn’t come up as a choice (no variables do in the email notification actually). Is this a system thing or am I doing something wrong?

Hey @chuck :wave:

Yes, it is system designed like that, so - there are attributes you cannot use for such purposes (in notifications for example), some of those are:

  1. long text attribute
  2. rating attribute
  3. reference
  4. Vote attribute

When it comes to email notifications from our automations, make sure that they are turned on as well. In order to see if they are turned on or off, click on the bell sign in the top right corner of your screen, at the very bottom of the drop down menu that appears click on “notification settings” and then see if “automation notifications” are toggle on for emails as well!

Hope that helps @chuck!

Take care :+1: